emotiscope is different

This isn’t the usual “sound-reactive LEDs” you’ve seen for years.

Emotiscope was built by @lixielabs from the ground up as an open, powerful bridge between sight and sound. With a show that’s reactive to notation, vibrato, tempo, and more, it produces very unique and pleasant-to-look-at light shows which synchronize to your music without any visible latency whatsoever.


With a magic diffuser covering 128 of the world’s smallest addressable LEDs - which are being refreshed at up 450 FPS - Emotiscope doesn’t look like a screen. It looks more like some kind of neon-gas display from the far future or recent past.

It has to be seen to be believed, which the video demos below can help with:

With it’s built-in digital microphone, Emotiscope automatically converts any music playing in your space into a compelling and colorful show. No aux cables needed, you can even sing around it!

Next, let’s explore the touch-sensitive and wireless controls of Emotiscope…