emotiscope is simple

Emotiscope has two types of controls: touch and wireless!


touch control

Emotiscope has three touch points: the top, left, and right side. Holding your finger on the left or right side allows you to change the color of the show, tapping the top skips to the next light-show mode, and holding down on the top puts Emotiscope to sleep, entirely disabling the microphone and playing a short visual outro. Once asleep, tapping the device will instantly wake it up, ready for another stellar show.

wireless control

For more flexible control, there’s the Emotiscope app. No downloads, no install, no account, no subscription, simply visit app.emotiscope.rocks from any phone on the same WiFi network as Emotiscope to be automatically connected in seconds. (You can even bookmark it to your home screen!)

Once there, you’re greeted with a very simple interface with only one concept to learn: sliders.

Sliders work like knobs to control things like brightness, color, reaction speed, and more. Just drag your thumb up and down anywhere on the slider to alter it, and your changes are automatically saved to Emotiscope.


Next, let’s take a look at the various light-show modes Emotiscope has…