emotiscope is flexible

There’s a mode for every mood. A lot of work has gone into creating polished and engaging light-shows that react at a moments’ notice to musical changes. So far, Emotiscope has 8 customizable light-show modes:


Analog Mode simulates the movement of a analog VU meter, with dots of light reacting to the current loudness of music, wiggling to beats and vocals. Sub-pixel rendering tricks make this mode a visual treat you can’t go wrong with.


Spectrum Mode shows the detected strengths of all musical notes between 110 Hz and 4186 Hz (The upper 64 keys of a piano), showing chords, vibrato and even basslines in the center! (For the music geeks, that’s A2 through C8!)


Octave Mode is the same as Spectrum Mode, but all 64 notes have been wrapped into a single octave - meaning all A♭ notes are in the same position on the display, regardless of which octave they originated from.


Metronome Mode is extra fancy. Your Emotiscope will synchronize itself to the beat of your music, swaying patterns back and forth exactly in time with the song. It’s not only aware of what the current tempo (BPM, speed) of your music is, it also knows the magnitude of all tempi at a given time and displays all readings at the same time. For example, if the snare drum hits 90 beats per minute but the hi-hat hits 180 beats per minute, both patterns are detected and shown at the same time!


This is actually a hybrid mode! When confidence in the tempo calculation is low, Spectrum Mode is shown, but as Emotiscope gains confidence in the beat of the music, it will fade into showing Metronome Mode instead.


Hype Mode is for partying it up. This is the mode for dance music and bass drops. All tempo readings are summed up into a single wave, meaning complicated patterns can emerge from the average song, which are wiggling to and fro to the beat of the music. As a rule of thumb, if it’s a song you think you could generate “hype” with, it works great with this mode.


Bloom Mode is quite versatile. Dragging the speed slider all the way down makes a slowly expanding pattern that flutters to your tunes, and turning the speed slider all the way up makes for a hypnotizing dive into a psychedelic tunnel.


Neutral Mode does nothing, but it does nothing really well. For occasions where you want a beautiful light bar that doesn’t react to sound, Neutral Mode allows you to customize the colors without listening to music.

If you’re feeling interested in an Emotiscope, let’s look at what’s included in the box…

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